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Frequently Asked Questions


Licensing and Copyrights

What kinds of applications can I use your music, sound effects & production elements in?
Is there a license agreement for
Do you have legal & copyright notices here at
Do I have to pay more if I use your music in a TV or radio program?
Do I have to pay performing rights fees if I use your music?
Can I make changes to your music, like adding lyrics, vocals or other instruments?
When I buy a piece of music, a sound effect or a production element, do I have the right to use it as many times as I like, and for as long as I like?
Can I use your music, sound effects or production elements in a production I make for a client? Is my client covered under your license agreement?
Do the music, sound effects or production elements that I buy from you belong to me?
What happens to my videos or productions after I cancel my subscription?
What is YouTube Content ID?
Why are my videos getting copyright claims?
How do I get the copyright claim dropped?
How do I submit a dispute to YouTube?
How many YouTube channels can I use Audio Hero on with my plan?
What does public domain music mean?
Why are we receiving copyright claims on YouTube if public domain music has no copyright?
Am I allowed to use AudioHero products in AI (Artificial Intelligence) ?
Am I allowed to use AudioHero products in NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) ?


Purchases and Downloads

How do I set up an account at your website?
How do I change my password?
I lost my password. What do I do?
I created an account at your site, but I did not get a confirmation email.
My email address has changed. Can I keep the same account with all of my previous order history intact and have it associated with my new email address?
How do I find the perfect audio track on your site?
Do you provide music in broadcast lengths, underscores or different versions?
Is it possible to "save" a list of tracks that I might wish to use later?
What audio file formats do you offer?
Is your site Macintosh, PC & Linux compatible?
How much do you charge for your Subscriptions?
Will I get a printed invoice when I start my subscription?
How often is new content added to your Web site?
I can't find the music I downloaded on my computer. Can you help?
Are my downloads unlimited as premium user?
My hard drive crashed. Can I download the music again?
How do I cancel my account?
I was billed, but did not want to continue my service? Can I get a refund?
Why was I automatically billed or re-billed?
Do you have the ISRC numbers for your music?
Do both music and sound effect tracks count as only one credit each when using a subscription?
What happens to my credits when I unsubscribe?
What happens if I change the credit card I have on my account?
I only need a small number of audio tracks for a video and do not require a monthly subscription?



What is Stock Music?
What are the advantages and features of Stock Music?
What is Royalty Free Music and how is it licensed?
What are Musical Elements?
What are Production Elements and Sound Effects?
What are Synchronization and Synchronization Rights?
What does the term Public Domain mean?
White Water, Falls, Overhead
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